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Wednesday, August 11, 2010 5:14 AM

Isn't Tsuna awesome? Yeah I'm still crazy about KHR! [insert countless heart-shapes here] :D See the title? Yep that's what Kikyo keep on saying, I'm listening to it right now and it sorta gets on my nerves -.-
Fell asleep last night without studying for O'level Physics SPA (skill3). Lucky for me, it turned out rather easy, though I think I missed out a few apparatus :X Yesterday was one of the worst days that I went emo :\ Gosh I'm super pathetic :(((((((( I wish I can stop being like this, argh. But I think I'm better now, every time I'll tell myself this, "why let one f-cked up person ruin your future?" Yeah I should focus on my studies huh, and get awesome result for my O'level! :) /(I do hope so ^^) Sigh, gotta go prepare for my O'level Chemistry SPA (skill3) later on for tomorrow, even though all I wanted to do now is sleep, sleep and sleep. Now, which day should I take leave next week? Bad habit for me, I'm starting to be absent from school at least once every week now, cuz I'm just really tired.
Great, now I owe Jiesi and Jiawan their birthday cards x( Gah I'm the worst friend ever :'(