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Monday, September 20, 2010 4:11 AM
Like a lightning bolt, your heart will blow

It started out a terrible day today - my hair was bad. Took like, 20 minutes just to keep re-tying my ponytail, yes I DO care about the neatness of my hair in school because as I had said many times, neat hair equal more confidence, ha :)
Then, the day got better when I knew that I scored 27/30 for my English composition, kinda shocked because I had never receive such a high score for composition before in my entire life! And so... I remain happy, BUT NOT FOR LONG. As they said, there's no such thing as "living happily ever after" (I want to believe, but, STILL) and I totally went into a state of self-disappointment for the rest of the day.
Currently I only know that I had failed Physics. Well I wasn't upset because I KNOW I can do better. I had left my physics file in school and not studied for quite a few topics, yikes. Okay lousy excuse, but really, I left my file in school. Main reason but why I failed Physics? I almost fell asleep during the exam. Gah I'm such a failure, who fell asleep during exam!? I should have slept earlier instead of burning midnight oil or whatever oil they call it, dammit.

Conclusion? Prelim's screwed. But I'm gonna go up to O'level and make friends with him cuz I'm pretty sure he looks handsomeeeeee *__* (image via wheretheheartis)