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Saturday, December 4, 2010 8:56 AM
A day of standing and yawning won't do me any good

It was super cold this morning thanks to this super big rain, even Onew and Taemin felt it too! For the first time in many many months, I'm wearing a pair of long pants at home cuz I couldn't stand the coldness anymore:'(

Spent my morning and afternoon playing Maple (mostly) and watching Idol Maknae Rebellion, I'm falling in love with Dongho, Seunghyun and Jinwoon already :D Had spent the midnight before watching Oh! My School episode 1, love Minho too! LOL wth is with me why do I like them all -.- Can't wait for 100 points out of 100 points episode one's english subbed version! @@
Went to work at 5pm, and as people say, the first day is the hardest! I was totally clueless as to what to do and I make mistakes here and there too:( Stood for the whole five hours till 10pm, which is totally crazy and my mouth has completely dried out by then due to prolonged time of not speaking at all. The whole time was spent by me praying and hopping hard that 10pm would come soon cuz I was bored, stared at the section where the KimmiDolls stuff were placed most of the time cuz they are cute._. Even organised the two big shelves of cards neatly because I have nothing to do. One of the many awkward situations:
A husband and wife (customers) whispering: Is she working here? Should I ask her? *gesturing to me*
Me: *walked over, opened mouth and said something dumb* Uh-huh?
Wife: Wah you really works here!?
LOL wth which means I looked more like somebody shopping in the shop instead of somebody who works there luh? This is hilarious man I totally laughed back in response. Gotta go IMM tomorrow to apply for another job because I just found out that my current part-time job at Precious Thots isn't much and I still have quite a lot free time o_o