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Friday, December 3, 2010 4:45 AM
Day 18 19 20 21 /S

Day 18 : My favorite SHINee lyric
Ring Ding Dong, Her whisper is the Lucifer, Noona neomu yeppeo~
Okay the ultimate obsession will be Ring Ding Dong cuz I'm always singingchanting it -.-

Day 19 : The SHINee member I think has the best face
Key Kim Kibum, Taemin :D Key's totally beautiful (to me *__*) and Taemin's pretty!
Okay never mind, I seriously dislike this kind of questions which ask me who I think has the best face, best body, best whatever, it's irritating! I mean, I love all their faces. Yes, if I have to choose it'll definitely be Key (he's my freaking #1 bias for god's sake), but really, all of them are damn good-looking! Love Onew's dorkiness with his straight and white teeth and awesome smile, Jonghyun's "manliness" and his razor-sharp jaw, Key's EVERYTHING (a.k.a. his smile, eyes, nose, cheeks, eyebrows, mouth, teeth etc etc), Minho's cuteness, boyish look and the way he laugh (I mean it because I really find him cute and I'm liking him a lot lot more these days:D) and finally, Taemin and his 100% prettiness that can send girls off to the Land of Jealousy (a.k.a. his pink lips and puppy-like eyes)!

Day 20 : The SHINee member I think has the best body
Sadly, Jonghyun (not key T-T)
Okay, so Jonghyun has a great bod (anyone can see that in Lucifer), but Minho isn't bad too! As what I seen from an episode of 100 Points Out of 100 (Previously Oh! My School) - (???), he do have abs (thanks a lot to Eunhyuk for pulling the blanket away *coughs*) and I'm here admitting that yes, I watched the vid repeatedly :X

Day 21 : The SHINee member I think has the best personality
All of them have a wonderful personality~ (Okay actually I typed a lot here but in the end I decided that they just don't make sense so I backspaced them all -__-)

/Okay I'm just too lazy to type a lot anymore:P
Shall edit to add more on when I have the time, going maple now!>:)

Went to YiFang's house today in the big rain to get my stuffs back~ Saw B2st performing live on YiFang's TV! *__* Now, if only I have that channel on my TV at home :'(
And guess what my sis just said!? Since I was listening to SHINee Stand By Me earlier on, to my disbelief she asked, "Why are you listening to SS501's song?" *gasp* Was completely stunned, Stand By Me is definitely NOT by SS501 -.-