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Wednesday, December 1, 2010 12:25 AM
Fuhua Prom Night 2010 @Grand Park City Hotel

And so... it's Fuhua Prom Night 2010 yesterday (30th November) @Grand Park City Hotel!:D
First, I went over to Nanyang Optical at Jurong Point at about 2pm, put on my contact lens there (I managed to put in for the right eye in only a while but I was too lazy then so the optician kindly helped me put in the lens for my left eye - yea the opticians there are nice people ^^) Took bus 180 to YiFang's house then, I looked straight for the entire bus ride (more than 30 minutes!-.-) because my lens was without astigmatism and I was feeling kinda giddy D:
Met up with Felicia (who rushed by and rushed off), Jiesi, Qiaofen and YiFang @YiFang's house. THANKS A LOT TO YIFANG'S MUM with our makeups and for driving us to the hotel^^ The rain was super heavy then and we were late for prom! Missed some performances D: It was awkward when we walked into the room cuz most of the people were already seated (!!!) and so we wandered around looking for a seat. The food's not bad luh (: Prom King's Yingkiat and Prom Queen's Xinmei~
My eyes were so tired the whole night! ;__; Took tons of photos too, only posting a few here, lots more over in Facebook, hees :D Shared a cab home with Brendan, Ian and Jeslynn after that, reached home at about 12am (I didn't really notice the time, hehhh)
Most luckily for me, I'm able to get my contacts out even after such a tiring night!:> It feels sorta weird that Prom's over now, it took weeks of preparation, but the night's short. Hmmm at least I'm feeling a lot less stressed out now!^^ It's a night to remember.

4E1'10 :D

Jiesi, YiFang, Yifan, Jiawan, Qiaofen and me! (I was playing with Brendan's geek specs LOL)

Qiaofen and I!

Me and Jiesi!

YiFang and I!

Felicia and I!

And guess what's our doorgift!? A jar of rock candies a.k.a. stickies for each of us! XDD

"Prom Night 2010"

/Key likes girls who are nearer to his age... Well I'm 3 years younger than him, is that call nearrrr^^?

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