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Thursday, December 9, 2010 10:52 PM
Like a tidal wave

/I wanna watch Confessions! Anybody want?^^/
Went out with Dorothy and Nicole yesterday to Vivo City(:
Okay, first, very sorry for being late ;__; Sigh I'm always late for all kinds of outings except for going to school and going to work (there are times when I'm late for these, but rarely). *Cough* and so we had Pepper Lunch for lunch, I ordered the chicken pepper rice but the lady gave me salmon pepper rice (which is more expensive and also, I like chicken pepper rice better too...) Not bad luh, the rice's stickier with cheese added~ Rushed to Golden Village after that to watch The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. It could have been better and scarier in 3D version but I don't regret watching the normal version either. The movie's fantastic! I hadn't plan to watch The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader actually, but I'm happy I watched it now^^ One of the awesomest movie of year 2010 (to me luh...)!
Some parts of the movie was a little over-dramatic, but I still cried at many parts (-.-) Like, when this family finally reunited after this guy's wife got rescued and so the couple and their daughter went in for a hug, so sweet~ Also, the scene of Reepicheep (this cute talking rat, LOL) leaving the others to go visit Aslan's country (never coming back again?) was damn sad too ;__; Edmund and Lucy looked great too :D They have this cousin - Eustace - who's spoilt so to me he looks ugly. Well that was at first, then he changed for the better and I was like, woah why did he looks cute all of the sudden? ._. Haha too bad he's too young for me~ He's gonna die in the last series of Narnia (I think?) though:'(
In conclusion (why do I feel like I'm writing an essay!?), The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader is an awesome movie! Some parts were kinda fake though, when Eustace as a fire-breathing dragon and landed on some snowy land with his injuries I was wondering if I'm actually watching a cartoon or what, LOL. I'm gonna try reading the books again - maybe, since it has already been 4 (or 5?) years when I last read it.
My eyes were squinting from the sun and I look freaking dumb, gah. ...And I was screaming about Key and SHINee at Vivo's Skypark, LOL. Drank earl grey milk tea from Gongcha too, thanks to Doro, not bad ahhh^^

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