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Wednesday, January 19, 2011 12:26 AM
Do we have feelings?

"Celebrated" Qiaofen's birthday yesterday! Shopped with Qiaofen and Jiesi in the afternoon, I bought a mini pencil skirt from New Look and a cute striped turtleneck from Uni Qlo and they are the reason why I'm currently broke *cough* We ate at Toast Box after shopping to talk and rest for a while, I ordered the Teacake set (I LOVE CAKES HOHOHO) while qf and js ordered some weird Fruit Toast mixed with melted chocolate which turned out to be pretty cool and yummy;)
Met up with the Agents after that for dinner at Marina Square's Waraku. The food's not bad but the GST made me felt like I had been robbed, gahhhh. Took some photos before going home - mum kept spam-calling me to scold me for being out until so late zzz - reached home at 11pm plus.