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Saturday, January 22, 2011 7:51 AM
Not much time left

Since Twitter just died on me... I'm here to blog! :\
Didn't really do much stuff today, went to the library to borrow some books - it's been a few weeks since I last step into a library! Rather creepy too, I saw this girl thrice today, once in the library's young reader's section, second time in the adult's section and a third time when I was in a bus on the way home, saw her through the window from my seat. Freaky? Why do I keep seeing her everywhere when I don't even know her! o_o
Met up with Javan the Noobzxc after going to the library... he's late for an hour - so WHO's the late queen (or should I say late king instead) now!? Okay I shouldn't be pissed about this at all, since I was late all the time when meeting people, I'm sorry for always making you all suffer. Is this karma? :( Don't really see the point of meeting up anyway since he has to go Bugis in a while, LOL weirddddd. I haven't even get my new school shoes yet, can't really find any that satisfy me... And awww the Noobzxc had a toothache and got to extract a noob tooth, the story's scary, as if I didn't hear enough from Qiaofen about all those blood involved already... =.= Anyway, hope he gets well soon and that the toothache won't come back:)
Only a few more days to the reopen of school for me and all those going to junior colleges! Oh no. I've got so many stuff to do before that... guess it's my own fault to why I'm panicking now, I never really uses my holiday wisely, sigh. I wasted my holiday, and wasted my money too, mostly on useless junk food that does nothing except to make myself fatter. Z!
Before sex, you help each other get naked. After sex, you only dress yourself. Moral of the story: in life, no one helps you once you're fucked. (via)