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Thursday, January 20, 2011 7:20 AM
Not that innocent anymore, are they?

How we expect five-year-old kids to look like:

How some of them probably look like these days:
...This is absolutely disturbing ಠ_ಠ
Went to West Coast Plaza (alone) today to see if the bag Qiaofen still want as her birthday present is still there, but it's gone! I had spent so much time getting to the mall - taking a totally unfamiliar bus for the first time, almost getting lost and finally arriving to find that bag's not selling at the store already -.-
And so I decided to linger around the plaza for a while to explore, got trapped in the stairway because the doorknob's gone and I couldn't open the door, but fortunately I got out in the end by going back down to the second floor where they left the door ajar, phew. WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THE STUPID PLACE THAT HAS DOORS WITHOUT DOORKNOB FROM THE INSIDE !@#$ For the first time in my life I was hyperventilating due to being closed up with nearly nowhere to escape ;__; Hope this won't cause me to have a phobia for being in a closed up area next time...
Being a no-life person, I continued to walk around the Clementi neighbourhood just for the fun of it - well since I'm there already with nothing to do I might as well look around isn't it. Drank KOI and ate a burger plus a hotdog bun *burp* Yea I was really bored.

I think my dad hates me. Every time he brings food home, he'll call out to my mum, sister and my cousin to come join him to eat, but never calls me, until everyone starts eating already. Discrimination? That's why I don't really like my dad. Sorry if I sound like some useless daughter, but seriously.