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Wednesday, February 2, 2011 7:03 AM
I can tell that you can tell that I was ta~king my time

Metro Station - Shake It

I'm hooked onto the song already, haha! And so, we have our Chinese New Year celebration in school today! Because of my only one hour of sleep-time the night before, I was totally dozing off during the performance, so I didn't really pay much attention ._. Oh well but at least I managed to become more awake after that for the games. Love the charade and the spot the picture game, hehe, OG5 actually got 2nd for one of the games, awesome huh!;)

Rushed over to JP's Fish&Co. after school for NFC reunion lunch, we huat arh! Shared an awesome meal with Jiesi^^ They have sucky service there though and the GST is just too wonderful that I can puke :( Played around with YiFang's DSLR too OMG IT'S FREAKING AWESOME.


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