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Friday, April 29, 2011 8:58 AM
I see rainbows over my head

I'd love to cook a stew for you, but I have no pot.
I'd love to knit a scarf for you, but I have no wool.
I'd love to write a poem for you, but I have no pen.

HarukiMurakami - Norwegian Wood

Okay I shall not edit the previous post since it's like, two days ago already.. Didn't update my blog yesterday thanks to doing PI. Doing PI has totally AND completely drained me of my energy, I stayed up late because of it. Slept for only half an hour the day before (or should I say yesterday morning), and slept for 1.5 hour yesterday (or should I say this morning) - I'm definitely sleep-deprived and might go crazy anytime soon D:
School's released at like, 11.30am today, but I only left sch at 5pm - thanks to doing PI. Did three drafts in total today! *kills self* I was running everywhere in school, to the comp lab at level 3, photocopying room at level one, back to library at level 3, going to band room at level 1 with Mandy to get white paper to print my stupid fucked up PI, and back to comp lab, etc etc etc OMG I CAN ALMOST FAINT.
AND AND AND I had this stupid splinter on my thumb and it was freaking pain - luckily it has been removed by now already because mum used needle to poke it out. The bad thing? She poked around and now I have a bloody/ugly thumb and it hurts like mad :(
Today's gotta be one of the worst Fridays ever.. so not #TGIF! BUT YAY AT LEAST MY PI FINALLY GOT APPROVED YAY YAY YAY! I gotta sleep earlier I guess, sigh. )': No school on Monday and Tuesday though, and only half day of school on Friday for the following week - who's jealous?! >D
Organised my desktop! It may seem messy to you guys, but it's definitely ten time neater than before! My folders and stuff used to take up half of the space -.-

I love my wallpaper! \(*▽*)/