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Wednesday, April 13, 2011 8:14 AM
Lost in my dreams

If we can go back in time..

No school today for SAJC J1 peeps, how awesome? We had this commendation thingy for the Student Council and so the J1s had to go down to the cathedral over at City Hall to watch the whole process. Choir had to stand right at the front of the cathedral and sing some Christian songs too - sorry I'm not a Christian so I don't really get all those songs and all that. We had to learn those songs a few hours before we had to actually sing it, and if you listen carefully there's a lot people going off-pitch, LMAO I keep laughing but since it's a serious event I have to think of sad stuff to suppress my laughter omg. My first time ever in a cathedral though, pretty cool!;) The speech as really boring and I can see many people dozing off already, oops.
Lunch with class people after that, well not for me cuz I didn't eat, all I did was just sat there and talked, watched people eat, laughed like a hyena and most importantly, attracting unneeded attentions ._. Well, laughters keep doctors away, isn't it? :P Passed by Awfully Chocolate and the chocolate they're selling was totally mouth-watering, I was totally staring the those beautiful chocolate *__*
Feels like a Friday toady.. if only it is!

I need a new earpiece soon -.-