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Friday, April 8, 2011 8:58 AM
Please don't let me die

Life's always hard.
In Primary School you're probably panicking about PSLE, doing all those assessment books and going for all those tutions (seems to me that Primary School students are like this these days? I'm not though, don't remember studying for my PSLE at all, haha). When you go to Secondary One, you'll find that things are different, kinda harder with new subjects that you've probably never come across before and more stuff to learn. Upper Secondary - you'll most likely view lower Secondary work as a piece of cake, no big deal. Because in upper sec your teachers will flood you with so many homework to prepare you for your oncoming o'level examination that you don't even have the time for breathing - literally, and you begin to accept failures. Now you're in Junior College (I'm not in poly, I can't comment on how they feel), you'll take failures as a common thing, you're so tired from all those years of studying and mugging in school. You start feeling indifferent. Homework's tough, everything's tough, but you just don't feel like doing anything. You wonder if you can even make it for A'level.
It's not exactly fun after A'level I guess, there will be tons of hardship and stress and all sorts of bullshit out there, hiding and waiting for the right moment to ambush us when we're off-guard. I'm worried for my future. Constantly thinking how I'll be. If only there's a magical ball for me to rub and take a peep into my future. If it's gonna be bad I still have the chance to change things, isn't it? I'm not the kind of person who can wait and be keep in suspense. In fact, I'm reeeally impatient. I can't wait to know how my future's gonna be like, who's gonna be my future sweetheart? :) Okay that sounds cheesy, but you get my point. I'm always like this, even when reading novels, I'll flip to the last page of the book and read the ending first before continuing from where I've stopped in the front part of the book. YES I KNOW I'M IRRITATING HAHAHA. I can't help being curious, I can't help spoiling surprises, I can't help being impatient. Major oops.
Anyway, let me get down to my point. What I want to say was, life's hard. It always is and will always be. You may feel like you're alone out there, in the cold, with no friends and nobody to understand you in some point during this messed up life of yours. You're constantly thinking that people should try putting themselves into your shoes and understand you. Why don't YOU put yourself into other people's shoes then, and think what they might be going through? Everybody's probably going through a rough time, but they don't go around announcing it to the entire world, isn't it?
No matter what hard times you're going through now, you're definitely not alone. There will be be somebody, who's experiencing the exact same thing as you now, whether among your friends or across the globe on the other side of the Earth.
Think about those people in Japan. Just because their country's near the plate boundary, they experience the tremors from those earthquake more than often. Great Tōhoku Earthquake last month with a scarily huge magnitude of 9.0, and another earthquake yesterday of a 7.4 magnitude, just when they're in the process of recovering, at their most vulnerable moment. I feel really sad for them, and I sincerely hope that they'll get back to their feet soon.
Those people in Japan are clinging on to their life bravely, even though things are hard - with their homes destroyed, relatives and people they know going missing, losing so many things and yet still surviving. Kudos to them! It angers me when people who's living safely with a rooftop over their head, have living parents and an education think about getting a suicide. How can they view life so lightly? Life is a beautiful thing, even with all those obstacles, because they're what makes life more interesting! A life with zero hardships, just sitting home and living happily? B O R I N G. (brb as I cover my mouth to yawn first) Okay I'm actually guilty saying this, because I had think about suicide before (not very seriously, but it just creeps into my mind, that evil little thing!). Bad things are invincible, we can't avoid them all the time, so we gotta face them! We're all fuckin' perfect, like what Pink sang in her song. Treasure your life while you still can. Life's short though, what a pity.

LMAO I MADE THIS! No tablet pc thingy, wrote using a mouse, so I'm sorry for the jerky handwriting.. Ganbatte, Japan!(:

All I need is a little more courage and I'll be doing so much more stuff.. stuff that I don't have the courage to do, things that I HAVE to do before I die, before all the chances got stolen and never seen again. I always admire those who dare to live their dreams, who dare to say what they want to, to the right person. Because they have what I don't. Courage.