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Thursday, May 12, 2011 8:55 AM
Greedy pigs and evil laughters!

Went to Yunlu/Chunli's house after school today to bake cupcakes!:D She lives on the 40th floor can you guys believe it OMGZZZ. I don't think people who are afraid of heights will be able to survive living at such a high storey in a flat! She even pointed out that we can see Bedok and SAJC from her house - freaking cool huh! Apparently somewhere far out there we can see Malaysia and Indonesia too - but idk whether to believe her or not, haha :D

Awesome view!

Pretty cupcakes! ♥

Had fun with Yunlu and Franzi, TEEHEE. Even thought the cupcakes are kinda burnt my mum and sis said that they taste nice!^^ It's my first time baking stuff too WOOHOO. *coughs* Okay I didn't do much actually, basically I just help around in the kitchen, haha :P Poor Yunlu scorched her finger D: