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Monday, May 2, 2011 12:24 AM
Who says JC students can't have fun?

Class BBQ yesterday! 11A02 is awesome :D
I was late *coughs* - Shaun's house is so freaking far man! But thanks to him for hosting the bbq, we're like a bunch of rowdy kids playing with his stuff etc, oops. He has a trampoline at the third floor of his house, damn cool, I APPROVE. >:D Played wii on the second floor while some played his Xbox on the first floor we're so noisy omg. Ate many nice food, TEEHEE. My classmates are awesome at barbecuing!:D
Left Shaun's house at ten plus and since it's rather dark outside we sort of got lost - terrace house all over the place omg it's like a maze at night - CAN'T GET OUT /FAINTZ. Luckily we met a nice guy jogging by and he led us to the MRT Station, phew. Reached home at like 12am and was totally craving for Milo thanks to Mandy for mentioning it (WAEEEE) so I went to 711 (24/7 thank god) looking for Milo unfortunately they don't sell it so I bought Vitasoy instead, quite a big packet as compared to those usual small-sized ones ._.
Lastly. I love camwhoring with Mandy's *hotpink* sunglasses! BIMBOMAX ♥♥♥

LMAO, camwhoring using webcam. Only posting those that have me in them, haha, and of course, I'm not posting those where I look completely retarded (a bit retarded still can post LOL) :D Can you spot me in all of them?

"Let's follow what Xinyun!" - LOL


THIS. IS. PLAIN. EPIC. Look at Sarah's face! HAHAHAHAHA

More photos in future posts, perhaps? :D
Must wait for others to upload so that I can kop, MUAHAHAHAHA. Thanks to Shaun for uloading all these madness this time round!