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Wednesday, October 12, 2011 9:27 PM
Life at its "awesome"

my current wallpaper for the locked screen on phone!:D

I am so freaking bored right now IN THE SCHOOL LIBRARY AHSDKJHKSAHDHSHFAKHKH that I'm even using Internet Explorer to update my blog (and also, to reply tags). Gasp! WTH AM I EVEN DOING. IE is so lag I feel like crying just using it - the cboxes on the blogs took like a gazillion years to refresh themselves while I just sit here trying to be patient, staring aimlessly at the computer screen. Argh I feel so sleepy. And well, sorry for crapping haha.

Oh yea I can't really update my blog properly these few days because I don't have access to my computer at home D: My house's kitchen is currently under-going renovation and since my desktop is placed in the living room, my mum insisted to cover it up under a few layers of plastic sheets and since the reno's gonna take about ten days (YES 10 DAYS OH GOD THAT'S LIKE FOREVER) I'll have to live without the comp then. AND THEN AGAIN I WON'T BE ABLE TO UPDATE MY IPHONE TO IOS5 WHICH IS OUT ALREADY!!!!! Damn :( Updating and restoring the phone's gonna take quite some time though I hope I will be able to use my comp in less than 10 days from now - that will happen, if the workers can finish off the work quickly.

About the renovation, it's something like the whole district thingy and my entire block's currently undergoing renovation (kitchen only) - everything's a huge mess! Everywhere I go I can hear people drilling mercilessly (how mercilessly is that I'll leave that to your imagination lmao) and if I were to skip school or anything to sleep in at home, I can't! How am I supposed to continue my sweet dreams with all the drillings and fixing of stuff and workers walking in and out of my house??!!! Oh well this is for the future though, can't wait for the reno to be done and have an all-new bathroom and toilet bowl (hahaha). For now we're having this temporary bathroom shit stored at home and it stinks up the whole house oh maaaan. Guess I'll have to put up with those crap for these few days! MEH.