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Friday, November 18, 2011 11:23 PM
Farewell, Franzi!

11A02 bbq on Monday (16th November!) after OP in the morning/afternoon @ Anthony's house :)
OP ended after much panic and erm, hard work (?) but I shall blog about it next time in another post (because I'm lazy) Since 2011 is wrapping up soon, the German transfer student in our class, is leaving Singapore and thus we decided to have a farewell party (or in this case, erm, farewell bbq?) for her! Reached there all drenched because it was raining D; The bbq went rather smoothly and was fun :)

Chicken wings! *O* Although a bit chaotah luh haha


She was touched! But look at what's happening in the background... Yunlu and Angela threatening to kiss each other LOL

Yunlu, Franzi and I :D

Getting excited and screaming when Yunlu vs Eeron playing Street Fighter LOL

The sexy stingray


Yay my jump shot!:D

Me and Yunlu!

Yunlu, me, Weiyan, Mandy!

Well, life is a game of twister~~

Weiyan and I!