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Sunday, November 6, 2011 7:17 AM
Who's gonna listen to what I have to say?

Dinner with Jiesi, Qiaofen and Yifang yesterday @MS's Just Acia! Haha love going out with my girls and just stone there listening to them talk because I'm too lazy to open my mouth sometimes - also, the place was so noisy I couldn't catch everything they said LOL. Ate those little fried chicken pieces (I forgot what they're called) and it's really finger lickin' good (phrase copied from KFC's slogan #fail), free flow for the drinks and ice creams too I felt like some glutton taking ice creams non-stop hohoho. Js and Yf kept complaining about project work stuff (okay actually I did too), also went outside MS to sit down and chat. I like walking outside of MS at night because it's so cooling and with all those beautiful lights that you can see from nearby buildings :)

Was supposed to be doing pw stuff today but it got cancelled at the last minute and went out with Yifan to Cine to catch a movie! Watched Tower Heist because the tickets for You Are the Apple of My Eye - 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 - were all sold out (WHAT A BUMMER) and so being a nice girl I let Yifan chose whatever she wants to so we sort of end up watching TH haha. It turned out nice, wasn't really expecting much because I didn't even know about the movie before today. Seems like when you have lower expectation for something it will turns out better huh?

Anyway. It's sort of like a comedy and action movie (yep a rather typical mix) starring Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, couldn't stop laughing during the movie because some parts were real funny and somehow I felt like a retard hahaha.
I'll just summarise the movie so yep basically the group of workers in this high-rise luxury apartment fell victim to this a wealthy businessman Mr. Shaw and all those money that they invested in him were all gone so the building manager, George (Stiller) decided to help the workers by robbing the money back from Shaw. Yada yada yada and so he got a group of workers to help him get the money. A simple plot, really, but what's important is that it made me laughed enough. If you want to go for a serious movie, you can watch this too, since it can be sort of serious for some scenes. I enjoyed it, always love a good comedy/action movie (oh well actually I love almost all genres haha).