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Saturday, September 1, 2012 12:08 PM

And I thought I only didn't update this blog for like a month or so but I noticed that it actually has been almost two months (?!) okay I'm a horrible person aren't I. Well and it's not like I haven't been thinking of deleting this blog because idek why I'm still keeping it when I'm not updating anymore.
I'm trying. Okay. :\

Lmao life sucks these days. (wait when did i ever not think that way) - I mean, everything's so goddamn troublesome and I'm just too lazy omg. Met up with the girls today and I love how Jiesi agreed with me on the way life works. When we're younger everything's so much simpler, you won't have to worry too much about things like the condition of your hair, your health, your skin, your face, your weight and basically everything else. OH GOD. All I want to do is lie on my bed and roll around all day long and not having a single worry. What is life.
Also- went over to lyn's house with qianying angela and jeremy the other day to give her a surprise for her birthday! Took a few photos, which is exactly what I haven't done in a long time (plus I look especially horrible these days so-)

Started watching To The Beautiful You for minho and sulli (hehe) well it's not bad so far and I really love lee hyun woo omg he's so cute I CAN'T EVEN. Love all the soundtracks used for the drama, especially j-min's stand up which I've been raping repeatedly on my itunes (coughs) :) Other than that I'm watching Zenkai Girl too haha even though it's currently showing on the tv I prefer watching it at my own pace and I started it cuz the commercial showing it on the tv seems interesting so I kinda started watching. Oh well the main guy's rather cute so yepppp haha. Finished Secret Garden during the time when I wasn't updating my blog LOL if I was still updating my blog during that time my blog post would have been  filled with hyunbin's name. Seriously. AJKSFDHIQR98HRFWIYF2UIRH KYAAAAA OMG. Fangirled a lot hehe.

Hmm dramas aside, I STARTED READING ONE PIECE. OMG. You have no idea (if there's anybody who's still reading this or may come across this post idk) HOW MUCH I HAD CRIED WHILE READING ONE PIECE. Okay right now I'm still at the fishman island arc and omg shirahoshi's so pretty hehe. My favourite female characters includes nami, robin, miss golden week and hancock too OMG I LOVE THEM SO SO SO MUCH. I was so happy when nami's hair got so much longer after the timeskip I WAS LIKE WOAH. As for my favourite male characters... OMG LUFFY ACE SABO ILU GUYS. Cried the most for these three precious brothers I remember when I read the flashbacks it was before I sleep I was lying on my bed crying as if the world's gonna end the next day or something idk. ACE IS SO HOT. /coughs
Anyway. I love almost everyone else too omg edward newgate I'm gonna salute him :') Garp, Shanks, Law, Kid, MERRY (;A;), Bepo, Chopper, Zoro (BAMF), Sanji, Usopp shjdagkd blergh basically everyone okay. Except for blackbeard that disgusting teach !@#$
Since I've already attempted the famous hancock pose my next aim is franky's pose HAHAHA. idk omg.

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