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Monday, November 26, 2012 9:06 AM
breaking dawn (II)

Went out to Cine today with Yifan to catch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2! I actually only watched the first and second movie of The Twilight Saga before, and that was like ages ago, after which I got lazy to continue watching third and the fourth one plus I kinda lost interest so yepppp. So when Yifan texted me early in the morning today asking me whether I wanna watch part 2 of Breaking Dawn, I was like wut okay whatever since it's like the last movie for the saga already so why not????

Anyway, omg THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME (or maybe it's because I don't really have much expectations you see...) The crazyass fighting scene between Carlisle Cullen's family & allies with the Volturi, was simply amazing. Heads were being ripped off, bodies torn apart... *whistle* kinda hardcore but not too hardcore (what am I saying I have no idea)

Okay so other than the brutal scenes... The child actress acting as Bella's daughter Renesmee was so cute ashjdhsfjskl especially when she smiles omg. Totally gonna ship Jacob with Renesmee ahhhh *fangirl screams* Lee Pace looks hot in Breaking Dawn too, and then there's Ashley Greene and Dakota Fanning aww my pretty girls :')

Bought a new dustcap for my phone today - because I happen to find one of Chopper's hat hehe (okay I need to catch up on One Piece soon ._.) and whoop gummies!

So I went to Sitex yesterday (by myself D:) and bought a portable hard disk! FIIIINALLY. After wanting to get one for so long I finally managed to drag myself all the way to the east side of Singapore and got a Toshiba one with 500GB @S$69. Apparently it came along with a free pouch too that's supposed to be worth like S$19.90 or something but it sucks cuz I can barely shove the entire hard disk into the pouch, let alone put in the usb cable in it too ugh this is so troublesome... But oh well at least I have a hard disk now??? Gonna store all the huge video files for my precious animes and dramas in it whoooop

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