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Thursday, December 20, 2012 9:12 AM
i have no idea what i should put for the title i hope this would do

Went out with qf today (or yesterday, since it's past midnight now ugh what an awkward timing oh whatever), she wanted to get a christmas present for weilun and her friend cuz they're playing secret santa while I wanted to get a pair of new shoes and some decent clothes since my mum can't stop nagging me to get new clothes for new year (no, I don't really like new year for a reason - and by new year I mean CHINESE new year, it's kinda like a traditional thing to wear new clothes on the first day idk ugh so troublesome)

Kinda surprised that I was able to wake up at 10am today before I slept at 4am (I WAS MAKING KAMISAMA HAJIMEMASHITA ICONS FOR DOROTHY AND YESSS I'M FINALLY GOING TO UPDATE TFN SOON AFTER MIA-ING FROM IT FOR... YEARS) Anyway, I ended up not being able to get anything I was supposed to buy afterall and ended up buying two pairs of earrings (I love huge earrings) Since a blog entry would be boring without a photo so here's one of a horrible quality taken a few minutes ago with my phone (tried to make the photo nicer by adding random sparkly shits to it but I failed dO I GET A PRIZE FOR TRYING and please ignore the state of my keyboard it's really dusty and the letters are falling off...)

Since qf MUST get at least something since she's giving christmas presents to people and we couldn't find anything suitable in plaza sing we ended up going all the way to expo to get the presents (yea that's really far haha)

...this is kinda irrelevant but yay it's 21st december now hahaha