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Tuesday, January 21, 2014 8:24 AM
Update #526

Most people would feel that as a person gets older he or she would mature and become more responsible. But here I am, turning 20 in less than a month's time, is it okay to continue being the way I am? Why am I having thoughts like this?

"Be yourself" "Stay the same, you're beautiful in your own way"
"Grow up!" "It's time you do something about it" "Why are you dragging this? You should have it done already!" "You aren't young anymore stop acting like this"

Sometimes it feels like everyone around me is growing up without me. There are so few people I feel comfortable with and I hate how I can't be myself all the time, being the usual lazy slob I am. But then again if I act exactly how I want nobody's gonna like me since I'll probably be blatantly selfish and unappreciative of everything idk

Oh well nvm I was just talking shits............ Here's a very nice song btw:)

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