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Saturday, March 22, 2014 7:39 AM
Update #533

"Don't eat ____ it's bad for your health!"

Thinking back on what my mum has always been telling me, I looked down at the empty plate in front of me, feeling horrified. "But I was just planning to have a few mouthful of this! I didn't mean to finish it!" I screamed to myself inside my head.

It was as if I was possessed, by a monster inside of me that crave for food that is only going to make me sick. The little devil grinned at me, telling me it's okay to just take a few bites, a few bites more, and another "few" bites.

I was too focused at the content on the laptop in front of me. My right hand was moving my mouse around, clicking stuff from time to time, often moving back to my spoon to bring bites of the unhealthy delight to my mouth while my eyes remained fixated on the screen. The monster is the mastermind behind this forbidden move, sending signals to my hand and ordering it to move to its wishes.

There is no point crying over spilled milk now. "What was done is already done, I'll just be careful not to make the same mistake again," I thought to myself as I patted my happy stomach while the evil being cackled in my head.

Little do I know about the tiny whisper behind me - "there is always a second time!"