hi this is a personal blog and i update it whenever i want, whenever i have things to blog about.

a pokemon master. love good food, design and singing. can be kinda dramatic at times [inserts lots of coughing]

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014 7:42 PM
Update #545

Well hello there. Life's been... fine I guess. There were the good and the bad stuff so yea I guess they balanced out. Except the huge crack on my laptop screen. Can't see a single shit with it. Thought I could finally send it for fixing since it's finally HOLIDAY but damn. Projects. It's not even a small crack it's like this hugeass thick crack that runs diagonally across the screen from the top left corner to the bottom right I can't even see the words that I'm typing properly lol how am I surviving I have no idea.

Oh well. Have a nice day.