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Friday, August 13, 2010 4:09 AM
Because I eat fire

Wellllll. Started watching Fairy Tail yesterday! It was recommended by MANY friends of mine, and so I decided to check it out. At first I thought that it will be boring and weird cuz I don't really like the way the characters were drawn and I don't understand what the heck is "Fairy Tail" exactly. But hey, I love it now and I'm only at episode 3! :3 Haha, I always like main guy characters who uses fire as his power, so cute XD Used to think that anime guys with pink hair are weird, but now I had changed my mind I guess, hehe.
It's MY ENGLISH ORAL (O'LEVEL) TODAYYYYYYYY AND I TOTALLY SCREWED IT UP !@#$%^&* The topic completely caught me off guard, I guess we're all stunned, because TRAVELLING? Seriously. The picture said something about global minds and I didn't have a single idea what the heck it is! Then the teacher started firing questions at me (eg: what makes you laugh? - WTH WHO CAN THINK OF AN ORIGINAL AND CREATIVE ANSWER TO THAT ON THE SPOT! TT) during the conversation, and I can only remember answering "er ya, so yeah, ahahahahahahaha" over and over to almost all questions x.x SHIT LUH I'M DEAD D:
Oh yeah. Weekend's here again, wheeeee ^^