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Tuesday, August 17, 2010 2:40 PM
Close your eyes

I'm feeling really, really tired now.
I'm sick of running away when I'm just afraid to face the consequences. I'm sick of running away when I'm too much of a coward to face the truth. Gah.
I seriously have no idea what to do now, and just like what Ms Chan said,"PuiLing, nowadays you look like you're lost in the jungle and drowning in the sea, what's happening?" I have to agree with that. I have no idea what's happening to me, somewhere out there I lost myself. Somehow, I became a bad student who always hand in her homework late. I feel the most sorry to Ms Chan, cuz I owe her the most homework of all subjects. I'm feeling washed out by the overwhelming guilt within myself. Does that even make sense?
Okay it's definitely a weird time to blog now. Erm. 5.40am in the early morning just before I get ready for school. I'm blogging from my phone! Haha. Just feeling the need to blog suddenly, have to pour my "troubles" out, cuz my brain's not having enough memory space to store them anymore. Oh crap. I'm having this sicky feeling all of a sudden. Nobody's replying my messages. Sigh. *emo*
Anyway. I don't have an MC for Miss Tan later, only a letter of excuse for my absence in school yesterday. Eek. I can already predict that Miss Tan will be pissed. Cuz I keep taking leave from school these days :\ But it's really true that I'm not feeling well on the days. Gah. Will she even believe me? I'm feeling rather nervous now x.x I'm sounding dumb, aren't I? Haha :X