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Thursday, August 19, 2010 4:28 AM
Find the pivot


Yay we made this balancing toy during Physics today ^^ (why am I the one with the messiest hair in the photos TT) LOL @the first photo cuz Qiaofen's turning herself into Wolverine! (lame right I know :P)
Damn my flu luh :( It was a rainy day today and I was totally freezing the whole day, especially in the AVA room, I regretted not bringing my jacket to school! I had somehow imagined myself wearing a jacket to school yesterday, but why didn't I bring it to school, lol. I blanked through the hours in school today, gah.
OH AND MY PHONE FREAKING DROPPED TWICE TODAY. TWICE TWICE TWICE. *sound of heart shattering* It's getting more and more fragile as days pass by (I'm having this very bad feeling...) :'( I was so bored I started playing my handphone game nowadays, haha. One thing I don't quite like about my phone, it can only keep 500 messages (sometimes only 450, I don't know why!), which means that I'll have to keep clearing my inbox, yadayadas. Quite a waste of time too, it took a few minutes to finish deleting the messages everytime, gah. Isn't it sad to keep deleting the messages my friends sent me? :( I can't even read back to our previous messages! *sigh*
Oh hey, submitted my blog layout here, hees :)