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Tuesday, August 24, 2010 5:18 AM
I live under a cloud

...Don't you think so? Sigh.

I was late for school today, yippeeyahoogoogle. Had to walk around the parade square for five times during recess before I can get back my ez-link card, eeks. Lucky for me, the sun took pity on me and got less sunnier when I do my punishment, but it got much more brighter after I'm done, so I was kinda freed from torture, the sun loves me! :DDD
Went to JP after school (erm, after my geog test, to be more specific) to buy some pens :D Opened the front compartment of my school bag and I had a nasty surprise. NOTE TO SELF: TO NOT PUT SWEETS (YES EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE TIGHTLY SEALED OR WHATEVER) IN YOUR BAG TOGETHER WITH YOUR EARPIECE. I think the sweet's wrapper sort of burst open (due to much stress I guess) and the bits got onto my earpiece and everything was so sticky iwaslikeomgomgomgomgomgmydarlingearpiece!!! Fortunately, only the wire part got sticky. Had to spend half the bus ride trying to wipe the sticky bits of sweet off the wire. Eww much?

Note #1: I love love love you for always being there for me in every possible way. I'm sorry I'm always sharing my "emo-ness" with you, but it's because I trust you and you're one awesome friend :) I feel guilty because you're always there for me when I'm down but I'm not able to tell when you're sad or something, I fail at being a friend :( Anyway, stay cute and happy forever!