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Tuesday, August 31, 2010 9:42 PM
No I'm not a Muggle

Anybody joining me at Hogwarts later? Yep it's 1st September today, first day of school at Hogwarts, aren't you all excited? Let's meet at London King's Cross Station, platform 9¾, I'm sure life's gonna be a blast this year too with Harry Potter, GO GRYFFINDOR! I'm sure you can see my trolley up there in the photo above, can't you?

Just kidding. (photo via flickr)

I'm currently rotting at home now, STILL waiting for my letter of acceptance from Hogwarts after six years, oh man I'm pretty sure the letter got lost somewhere...
Okay it's Teacher's Day today and there's no school! *all smiles* Although it's only Wednesday, it feels like a Saturday today and I keep having the urge to go check out if new episodes of anime had came out already, then remembering that it's NOT Saturday I feel disappointed -.- Argh I'm having this super weird feeling that something bad's gonna happen, oh damn... :(
  • Any nice songs to recommend? I'm bored :\
  • Please click on the nuffnang ads on my blog when they do appear! Having only $32 now, $18 to go till I get my first paycheck! It's gonna go into my funding of ticket for SS3, thanks all for helping, love ya! ^^