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Sunday, August 8, 2010 4:45 AM
Slackers ;)

See the photos? That's all, I'm too lazy to type, for now ;) It's always the same, I'm late for an hour, Amanda had to wait for me, blahblahblah :X And tadah, photos! :} Oh by the way we went to er, er, oh ya PLAZA SING! Missed the stop at first and ended up at Somerset (I was busy showing Amanda Super Junior vids in my phone ^^), had to walk all the way back to Dhoby Ghaut. Nah, I'm the most familiar with the way already ;)
WeeChung's phone is only 3-day-old and the touchscreen stopped working, so I'm writing this to give him my phone best wishes, hoho.
"PEARLIE IS CUTE AND BLUR AND AWESOME TTM! ^^" (Pearlie, had shamelessly requested for me to put this! HEHE.)
/edited/ Seriously. I don't get why people dislike me calling them noob. It's actually a way for me to express my love for them, 不可以吗?Only people I like (my good friends) can get to be called "noob" by me! :X If I dislike you I won't even give a single damn, get it? Gah. Oh wait. It actually depends on how I say it -.- If I said it monotonously, then 99.9% chance it doesn't mean anything at all, haha.