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Sunday, September 12, 2010 4:08 AM
Because we're trapped in a dream

HOHO JUST SUBMITTED A LAYOUT HERE. This is like, the first proper layout I made that's not for my blog after so many months! Why am I submitting it today? Cuz it's the last day of holiday! Gotta go start mugging for my Prelims and O'level already, I had totally wasted this holiday! Gosh, this one week was damn precious, and yet... Argh. I spent my entire holiday by spam-watching Korean dramas (they're way too addictive due to too many handsome guys, gah) and slept at 3am every morning, yikes. Have to sleep by 1am latest today, since I had finished my shows, hees :D
Okay I know I had mentioned in my previous blogpost that I'll blog about "How to Piss Me Off" (how lame I know) but since I'm running out of time now it'll be left to be blog about another day, and also, I'm not in a bad mood too, so why should I blog about that? Sorry to those who were "anticipating" to know how to piss me off :D
I'm having Human Geography paper tomorrow, wish me luck people! :)

//Thanks Pearlie dearest for dedicating a blogpost to me here! So sweet, thanks noob ♥