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Tuesday, October 26, 2010 8:49 PM
Day 02- The meaning behind your Blogger name

Curvingends? :)
The ends of his lips curved upwards, forming a smile I'll never forget, hence the name curvingends. It's also a phrase ("the ends of xxx's lips curved upwards to form a smile") that I have always been using in my essays, LOL. It's getting boring, gotta find another new way to describe people smiling in my essay, or else teachers will  be like, "argh, it's this again?" //
Oh but before this it's erm, rollingjourney. It's dumbbb. Originally I was racking my brain for a nice url while listening to Pixie Lott's Rolling Stone, and so I was like, how about rollingstone? However, I googled the name and found the it's some US magazine (?). No, I decided that I don't want to sound like I'm trying to impersonate their dear magazine company and I change the "stone" to "journey" - which made it sound even dumber I know.

Oh and Jonghyun is currently dating Shin Se Kyung (for a month already zomg). Just as I'm starting to like him more now that I'm watching SHINee's Hello Baby. My heart broke T-T I don't really know Shin Se Kyung, except for the fact that she starred in Cinderella (a super scary Korean movie which I'm going to try watching again during holidays!!!! - no I never did finish watching that show because it scares the crap out of me cuz the last time I tried watching the time's already after midnight, so yeah -.-). Maybe she's really nice? I don't know#@$^%&*^($#@ Oh yeah, erm, hope they live happily ever after :| [link] ... Bye Blinger :\
I'm having the sudden urge to catch a magikarp and train it to become gyarados >:B ...But how do I catch a level 5 pokemon when my other pokemons' level are much more higher than magikarp!? x(

/6.30pm - hihi, EMaths paper 2 today suckkkk. Erm, actually it's okay, except for one question. Just one stupid question can affect my mood for the whole paper. Damn the graph, hmph. I spent over an hour drawing that ugly graph what the holy crap ahhhhhh. First time in my life I'm having difficulty draw a graph *emo*
Due to the news of Jonghyun having a girlfriend, many of his dedicated fansites have closed down, what the? I mean, these fans supported him just because they thought they have a chance with him? Not for his singing or whatsoever? Now that he's attached nobody's going to support him anymore? I really pity him. So many of the fans he once had are erm, fake? D:

...Though I'm not sure what I'll do if Key gets a girlfriend O_O
Shit. Somebody please get me out of this crazy mess. Why am I even upset omgomg why am I crazy over kpop somebody please rescue me ahhhhhh.