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Thursday, October 14, 2010 1:02 AM
Every soul needs a saviour

Can't help myself, just have to post this up cuz Doojoon looks awesome here :D
I should seriously chain up my computer and lock it with a gigantic lock because even though I told myself to only use the computer for a while everytime I log on, I end up using it for a few hours, arghh. Perhaps I should deactivate m Faecbook account for the time being too, it's really depressing when I see those friends (excluding Sec4s) post something like "YAY EXAM FINISH, FREEDOM!" on their status when MY exam haven't even start! It certainly causes me to have the urge to bang my head against the wall -.-
What is currently going on in my boring life: Overslept today and was late for remedial. Got my first badge for Pokemon on my phone - yup I finally succeeded in downloading the game on my phone but it's super laggy and I totally suck at it without the motivation of the colours and sound effects (DAMNYES IT'S IN BLACK AND WHITE WTH AND DOESN'T MAKE A SINGLE SOUND -.-) But oh at least I get to play it again, after all these years :')

OH DAMN. You're the one who's being dumb and do not have a single idea what is happening here, not me, so don't talk to me like you're the pro when you're just a newb.

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