hi this is a personal blog and i update it whenever i want, whenever i have things to blog about.

a pokemon master. love good food, design and singing. can be kinda dramatic at times [inserts lots of coughing]

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Friday, October 15, 2010 5:03 AM
Happy Birthday to Donghae :D

Donghae turned 24 today! Isn't he the best? Totally husband material, hoho 8D

Dork :D
I think I'm going crazy. o_o Ooh and it's finally weekend! Head slams into table - *whammm* For some unknown reason, I'm starting to like HyunSeung from B2ST o.O Oh and happy one year anniversary to B2ST/BEAST by the way ^^
Darn. Why am I so KPOP-y recently!? Okay must find more anime to watch.. *run off*