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Saturday, October 2, 2010 1:36 AM
For the moment

OMG love SHINee's Hello, even though it's just the teaser only, can't wait for the MV to come out! Key looks damn cute at 0:09~0:10, *screams*, I keep watching this again and again, fullscreen baby.
Okay, putting that aside. Went to school in the morning today for Chemistry remedial, it's freaking tiring luh and luckily Mr Tan let us off early at 11.30am instead of 12pm, can't really imagine 3 hours of Chemistry all about electrolysis straight, damn it I'll go crazy then.
Graduation Day next Friday, should I or should I not write letters to some of my friends? We'll still see each other isn't it :\ Oh but I definitely have to prepare many people's birthday presents - those who I owe, there's a lot, eek.

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