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Saturday, October 2, 2010 7:58 PM
Dancing Mannequins

I had changed my blog's layout yesterday, in case you're so clueless you haven't even realise the change yet, hees. Yep it's a simple layout, but I had spent a great amount of time on it! Okay, coding only took a while, but I had spent ages finding nice blog icons, aren't they cool? :D
Jack Mannequin's Dark Blue is playing currently, heard the song again yesterday after 3487572938412783482 years, OMG I used to be in love with this song, it's been a long time :') Erm, okay, actually it has only been like, one and a half year? Laugh out loud at myself *roll eyes* Time really flies huh :\
I wasted my Saturday and now it's Sunday, ARGHHHHHHH NOOOOOO. I have piling Math, Chemistry and Physics homework, gah guess I won't be sleeping early today huh *smash head against the wall* And I still have to prepare for Graduation Day, writing letters for my friends, should I or should I not?
Lastly, (before I go out for my study date with SY♥)...
DO YOU KNOW? That for every 200 people that you meet on the street everyday, 2 of them are ghosts?
Now, do you believe that? I'm neutral with it, but it definitely freaks me out when I first read this, yikes.