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Thursday, October 21, 2010 4:27 AM
Move over, you're blocking my view

Yay new layout for my blog. Sorry it gets more and more simple each time, argh. I do realise that the nuffnang ads over on the right is making my blog looks messy, but I can't remove it because I need money, darn. AND OMG WHY AM I EVEN MAKING A NEW LAYOUT WHEN I SHOULD BE STUDYING FOR MY OLEVEL. Oh and O's coming in erm, 4 days, gosh. Oh come on just shoot me :)
As usual, I was late for remedial this morning, woke up at 7:00am, and fell back to my beauty sleep after that, only to wake up at approximately 8:15am (my class starts at 8:00am), shocked. Had to rush to school blahlalala for English, Maths and Humanities, bleh. Although there's only three lessons, I'm feeling super tired cuz I awake the night before till 5am this morning, doing my Maths papers *sob silently at one corner* Ate with Qiaofen after Maths lesson, yay to chocolate waffles! \(^^)/ Ordered milktea for the FIRST time ever in my life >:D
The haze around Singapore is getting pretty bad. Basically you can't really see anything clearly in the smokey surroundings, scary and bad for our health! I'm already having a mild headache, gotta sleep earlier tonight (BUT M U S T COMPLETE MATHS PAPERS FIRSTTT).
In conclusion: yay what a wonderful day I had fun this is a really wonderful world life rocks yadayadayada olevel's in 4 days wow how awesome lalalaW@##RB%$^B%*^H*%$@

*** I know right, isn't the fonts bigger than usual? Nah it's temporary. Because just by looking at my blog just now my headache got worse, and so I change the size of the fonts, so that I won't get a headache visiting my own blog, LOL. Okay I swear my eyes are spinning now, oh crap.