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Friday, October 22, 2010 6:34 AM
They say to breathe in, then breathe out

Currently blogging using my phone. Can I write an emo post today? ... :\
Today's the last day of remedial, finally. It's been rather tiring and now we're left to be our own until olevel (which is like only 3 days away!!) Time is really flying, so quietly, without us realising it. Soon we'll finish our exams and we'll be off in separate ways to either junior colleges or polytechnics to start a new life and make new friends. I may never get to see some of you ever again. I'm tired and confused now. Argh. This is the first time I'm typing so slowly because I just can't find the correct words to express my feelings. Gah. Let's just hope that I'll do well for my exams first. Gosh. It's a turning point in my life and now there's many different paths in front of me and I have no idea which to choose. What if I choose the wrong one? There'll be no turning back after that. Oh dear. Terrible. *emo at one corner*
I killed myself again just now. I had no idea why the hell would I do that to myself. Just by looking at your name my heart started beating wildly and it aches, even after all these times. I can't stop thinking how cute you always looks. Okay but I seriously hate you sometimes. Omg *pull hair and screams*

Okay okay kkk enough with all those emo-ing this is dumb omg omg just ignore the paragraphs above if they bore you :) I'm just letting everything out (ok NOT exactly everything but then I need to write at least something in order to calm myself down, so yeah.)
The haze is getting worse and Singapore's like totally engulfed by the smoke. Horrible weather *faints* D::: Lost a follower on Blogger today too :( Why do I keep losing followers on Blogger!? Oh well but at least my number of followers on Tumblr keeps on going up :D
Oh crap my phone's burning hot now gotta finish what I had to say soon ahhh...
Erm erm *panics* okay that's all I think, better stop cuz my mind's empty and I'm just worrying about my phone exploding and my hands will be gone too so yeah bye!