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Saturday, October 16, 2010 5:43 AM
Run after your dreams

Finally, my 100th post!

Sorry I had only been posting rubbish(?) and all sorts of crap on this blog. Oh well hope it last long and not get kick out of the game by me like my previous blog, ha :|
Know what? Miracles do happen! I actually slept before ten yesterday OMFG!@#$%*& Can't even remember the last time I sleep before ten at night. Hmmm, two years ago? As far as I do remember, I'm actually afraid of the dark two years ago, and SO I always make an effort to sleep before 12 midnight (yep I once believe that ghosts will come out and scare the hell out of me when the clock strikes 12) but now!? It's already miracle if I sleep before 1am. What am I turning into??! Guess I fell asleep early last night cuz I had burn midnight oil trying to finish all pending homework the night before, and so I was really tired. Nowadays I keep falling asleep while playing Pokemon on my phone D: Ooh and I caught a clefairy today! :B

Okay shoot me. I was going to post some SERIOUS and MEANINGFUL today (please refer to the title) but I ended up posting lame stuff about my oh-so-boring life again cuz I'm worried it'll look dumb, bleh.
Oh and by the way...