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Monday, October 18, 2010 1:15 AM
What we think, we become

Hi there. I had a sudden craving for chocolate last night and so I rushed out of house at about 8.30pm and bought a pack of chocolates (erm, or chocettes, whatever you call them). It's awesome, until I had too much of it that my throat started burning with a sickening sweetness, blergh. Unfortunately they don't come in dark chocolate version D:
Just watched a vid on Youtube of SHINee singing Stand By Me live at some studio (it's posted up last year, but oh well, like I say, I'm slow :>). Realised that Taemin and Minho didn't have a single solo part in the song while Key, Jonghyun and Onew had many solos. I mean, I love Key's voice, but Taemin and Minho were standing there and smiling sadly with nothing to do (ESPECIALLY TAEMIN) I almost cry for them ;__; Yes I am THAT emotional, can't really stand myself sometimes ._.
Nope not gonna talk about school. It'll only cause me a headache, gah.

Ooh and xxx