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Thursday, November 4, 2010 3:30 AM
Day 12- How you found out about Blogger and why you made one

I found out about Blogger when I was still in primary school, during primary six? Gosh that's like, 5 years ago. Blogger's kinda different back then, but I can't remember exactly how. Hmmm back then the blogging trend has only just began and at first I'm absolutely clueless about just what "blogging" is - ha yes I know I'm dumb *raise hand*
My friend had introduced me to Blogger, and since I was curious I signed up for an account (oh well it's free hoho) and had been blogging on and off since then. Blogging used to be a trend, many of my friends (back then) has a blog, it's like something that we must have in order not to be left out (I think?) Blah that's my generation, welcome to it, LOL. Oh but after that I got hooked onto blogging, because it's a great help for getting burdens off my chest, phew. I remember blogging infrequently last time, but now I blog daily :DDD
This challenge motivated me to enter my very, very first blogger url in the address bar just now. No surprise, the name's still not taken (yep I had deleted my very first blog, so my primary school memories sort of went into the drain with it, ra~) cuz it's just too dumb, hehhhh:)
Haha they should also give challenges like "How you found out about Blogskin.com and why you started making blogskins" - I'll have a lot more to talk about. Hees, I'm getting flashbacks now. Hoho, those young days when I'm still innocent *give faraway look*

...Don't Key just look amazing in this gif? Sorry I forgot where I got it, most probably from some SHINee-related Tumblr ._. I love Key's awesome smile, *mesmerized* and how he's a straight-forward guy who does not hide his feelings :) - just i case you're wondering, yes I'm indeed shooting this point at somebody.
Oh and I submitted two batches over at TFN yesterday, after all these months. Please do support us, tyvm^^

I dreamed of you yesterday night. I'm happy because it has been a long time since I last dreamed of you. You should try to appear in my dreams more often and show me your awesome smile.