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Monday, November 29, 2010 4:22 AM
Day 9 10 11 /S

Day 9 : My favorite live performance
I have no favourite live performance :| Love all their performaces! Okay okay, actually I like their performances better when Jonghyun sprained his ankle and the group couldn't dance and had to sit down and just sing, their voice sounds nicer that day because they'll just more energy for singing instead of having to dance while singing D: And since they have to spend a lot of energy on dancing, they used lip-syncing sometimes, eek :( Hence, I like all the performances when they just sit down to sing ^^ There's also this live performance when Taemin forgot his part and there's an awkward silence, love that, does anybody remembers!?:D

Day 10 : First SHINee MV I saw
Ring Ding Dong (saw it last year), can't believe I used to think that Taemin's the leader, cuz he has the most distinct hairstyle in that MV, LOL much. I had liked Key then ^^

Day 11 : My first impression of SHINee
"The group of guys who sang Stand By Me, a song from Boys Over Flowers" - LOLOLOL. Song's not bad, but I got sick after a bit of over-listening, hehhhh. However, I love it now (again) ^^ I used to think that Onew's the youngest because he looked super super super young in Ring Ding Dong ._. Then it's erm, Jonghyun, the guy who I didn't even notice only until Lucifer when he show his nice bod (:X). Key, the one with awesome hair and cute face and can sing well in Ring Ding Dong XD Minho, the guy with hair that looks like it belongs to the previous era (cuz I don't really favour guys with that kind of curly long hair :|) And finally, Taemin, yea I believe I mention it already on Day 10, haha~ He looked quite crazy to me due to his bomb-y bright hair.