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Sunday, November 28, 2010 5:12 AM
Let it bleed.

And so... I had decided that I wanna get contact lens again!
Went to JP in the afternoon with Amanda, tried to get the stupid lenses into my eyes for a few hours before giving up. My determination is running low and I'm feeling like I was overwhelmed by the God of Hopeless. I know I know, aren't I just pathetic? The optician had to be super patient with me, helping me getting my lens in and out again, then left me to try by myself, but I just couldn't get the stupid stuff in ASDFGHJKL/ I'm gonna go try to get it in again tomorrow, but I didn't find anyone to accompany me yet, since everyone's tired already *cry*
Anybody free? ;__; I'm feeling super sad:(
I think I'm having contact lens-phobia now, my heart has been racing faster than usual since last trying to get my contacts into my eyes until NOW. I just don't get it, how come it took only a few tries for others to get the lens into their eyes while it took me several hours but STILL fail? This probably shows just how brave I am, which is, very (LOLOLOL ya right).
Was watching the Mnet Asian Music Awards just now, and everytime a singer or whoever when on stage, whether to perform or as guest to give off prize, I will definitely be staring at his/her eyes and shuddered to myself thinking if they might be feeling uncomfortable if they have contact lens in their eyes :\
Gosh I'm obsessed! Help:(

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Going to the optical shop by myself tomorrow I guess, since nobody's free to accompany me...YAY JIESI'S GONNA ACCOMPANY ME!