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Sunday, November 21, 2010 3:42 AM
Maybe it was something I said

Hola people!:D
Sorry for not blogging properly yesterday, I didn't really go into details because I spent my computer time yesterday almost entirely on maple! Gosh I'll have to try to pull myself away before I get completely absorbed into it o_o
Went out with Amanda today, intended to go Bugis first but with a call from my sis then I realised that I didn't return her her ezlink student pass -.- We're already at City Hall then and had to travel all the way back to Boon Lay again to pass my sis her card *swear and curse* Since it was quite late then already, we went to Causeway Point first to meet some blogshop owner (Amanda's receiving her shirt O:), walked around and I bought breadddddds(:
Headed over to Bugis after that, gosh I didn't know travelling around using an adult ezlink card can be so expensive! The trip from Woodlands to Bugis cost me $1.80 zzz, I'm so making a new student pass soon, blergh. And so... we walked around Bugis street (I wanna buy bangles:D) and I couldn't stop yawning cuz I slept pretty late last night, 4am? I was up playing maple LOL. ANYWAY. Bought some bangles at S$5 and a pair of earrings(: I'm quite happy about the bangles, lala~ Shopped for clutches, saw one that looks rather nice (blingbling!) which I originally thought was priced at only S$10.80, only realising later that the actual price is S$19.90 when the shop-keeper told me, eek. Ended not buying the clutch D:
I was so sleepy I shared a seat with this kid on the train back home (I know he was complaining to his mummy, I may be closing my eyes but I still have my ears!!) - okay I know I'm being bad to a little kid but I couldn't help it, I was just too tired I had to sit down and rest :|
Amanda bought her iPod touch at JP earlier on! Damn I'm getting jealous because I want one too ;__;

So, I'm home now, blah lalalala.
Gonna have my job interview at 2pm tomorrow, wish me luck people! Fingers crossed(: