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Tuesday, December 7, 2010 12:44 AM
Day 27 28 29 30 /S

Day 27 : A picture of my bias with someone else I like in another group
SHINee's Key and 2AM's Jinwoon!:DD
Day 28 : If I could spend a day with SHINee, we would:
Go to kBox and practice the dance moves for all their songs!XD I'll also spam take photos with them, especially Key^^ I would love to chat with them but too bad I can't cuz I can't speak Korean-.-

Day 29 : If I could spend a day with my bias in SHINee, we would:
Spam take photos with Key, ask him to go shopping with me to get awesome stuff for me (and him of course)~ Haha and maybe we'll go have a ride on Singapore Flyer and also, have an awesome meal with good food together, yay x)

Day 30 : My favorite song by SHINee of all time
Okay this is really hard to decide because I love many of their songs. But my current favourite will be Ready Or Not :D It changes from time to time though :B