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Sunday, December 12, 2010 4:39 AM
Over-thinking causes your brain to rot

Went out with Yifan yesterday to Illuma for KOI:D
I was like, an hour(?) late, bought some takoyaki♥ on the way. Ate the lovely takoyaki as I walked to find Yifan, and so without thinking I shoved one into my mouth and my tongue got burnt immediately - worst case for me ever, plus I actually swallowed it after debating for a while whether or not to spit it out. So... now my tongue is still in a bad state and it certainly looks weird now D:
Anyway, when I finally met the tall tall girl we walked from the MRT station to Illuma, with her complaining bout how much her heels are hurting her on the way. We ordered ice cream milk tea (effing awesome) and since we had to wait for some time before getting our drinks we decided to go inside Illuma first, took photos with the Harry Potter exhibitions!^^
Walked around Illuma talking after getting the drinks~ Sort of catch up with each other I guess? Cuz we rarely talk these days, since we're separated into different sec3 classes from 2I3 two years ago D: She has many nice gossips:P I had quite a nice time luh(: Yifan kept on complaining about her heels the entire day though...-.-

That evil girl made me took photos of the drinks in public-.-

Yay to Harry Potter!


Out to JE today to apply for a new ezlink card (since I lost mine a month ago-__-) - and so, I finally has an ezlink card, whee~ Thanks wc for accompanying(:
Rushed over to Clementi after that,meeting Qiaofen for KOI (again, ikr.)^^ Bought a cheesy hot dog and vanilla milk tea (WARNING: OVERWHELMING PEARLS!! Blergh) while waiting for her. Was planning to walk around the mall at Clementi before QF reaches, didn't expect the mall to be so freaking small! Sorry for being offensive, but really, it took me only a minute to walk from one end to he other end ._.
Qiaofen finally reached and so we queued up for drinks (*__*) I ordered ice cream milk tea while she ordered green tea macchiato (LOL why am I blogging as if I'm writing an essay zzz). Took a shuttle to West Coast Plaza after that since there's really nothing else to do at Clementi. Never been there before, since it's kinda new I think. Walked around for a bit before settling down for our lunch, ate curry chicken with rice @S$4, love the curry (don't think I had ever mentioned before, but I love curry!) but the chicken's meat kind of hard and not tender enough D: Sat there and chatted for quite a long time before leaving~ Felt a bit like vomiting after that - probably due to the churning of the mixture of different food in my stomach, eek. QF almost bought a pretty dress... until the shop-owner came and told us she decided to raise the price (wth-.-)
Yep that's all, went home after that~

/Yay SHINee's gonna release a new single tomorrow!!!!1111!!!1!!11!