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Sunday, December 12, 2010 7:55 PM
Stars falling from the sky

In case you guys haven't notice... I've finally got a new layout for my blog!:)
Spent the whole night yesterday coding this shitz, hope it looks nice. It'll looks weird in Internet Explorer, I'm telling those who are still using it, please switch to Google Chrome (because most layouts are best viewed in chrome^^), thank you! Though this layout looks simple, it did took me ages to finish it, because I had a hard time deciding what fonts to use, etc etc.
Woke up super early this morning, partly due to the scorching hot sun that's burning my bed - I prefer my bed to be cooling! Like seriously, the weather was still damn cold a few days ago, but now it has switch over to being hot, what's its problem? Totally global warming, if this goes on, the world's really gonna end in 2012 -.- I wish the weather can just stop PMS-ing and stick to normal cooling weather (not too cold either), gahhhhhhh.
Going to work later, it's almost 12pm and I have to reach there by 1pm but I'm feeling super lazy after not working for a week (already!) I'm wishing for an easier job where there's a higher pay and which I'm interested in D: Anybody knows where to get a job like this?._. Have to get more money to buy a new LG earpiece for my GT505, cuz it spoilt yesterday, I can't live without earpiece that helps boom music in my ears T-T Super sad, there's only sound coming from the left ear side while I can't hear a single sound from the right ear side, argh. It'll cost me $38... That's gotta be more than half of the money I had earned from Nuffnang (haven't arrive yet though) asdfghjkl/!!!!111!!1!
Meanwhile... I'm addicted to Man Man Ha Ni by U-Kiss, haha kinda late though cuz the song's from last year, oh but who cares? Loving Kevin and Dongho *__* (I'll prefer Kevin/Dongho's face featured on un-played mv, instead of Alexander's - sorry:P) FYI, I start liking this song thanks to Key:D Shoulder-dance power! >:)

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