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Wednesday, December 8, 2010 5:29 AM
What goes around comes around

Woke up early today, used the comp for a while before going out to Sentosa with some 4E1 guys. Arrived at Siloso Beach, not bad luh but the sun was freaking scorching hot and we're totally melting while playing captains ball D: Luckily I never get sunburned ^^ Played around with the sea water too (I'm having the urge to swim:\), slacked around (I was bored) and then it rained so we packed up and went home~ LOL basically I didn't really do much at Sentosa, love the cool breeze by thee seaside though. Well, have to wait for YiFang to upload the photos to Facebook then I'll be able to post them to my blog though.Yay YiFang uploaded the photos, only posting three though.


LOLOLOL I just played QWOP. 14.4 metres is my best score ever and you can see that one of my legs is already gone and one of my arms is folded up, awww. Kinda freaky though, haha, but I was laughing like mad when I started playing cuz I even ran backwards and broke arms and all that-__- Okay this game is certainly for those who're like super bored with nothing else to do.

/Kayyyys I guess that's all, going out with Dorothy and Nicole tomorrow, cya guys!:D