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Monday, January 17, 2011 7:53 AM
Bathing in the rain

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Sorry people, for the slow tag replies, I'm really tired these days for no reason at all, sigh.
Went Singapore's Botanic Gardens this afternoon with (mainly NFC people?) to celebrate Jeslynn's birthday in advance, the surprise fail though D: Stood around eating food - I LOVE CAKES - that some wonderful people had prepared and I had fun taking tons of photos using YiFang's abandoned camera (YES SHE ABANDONED IT THE MOMENT SHE GOT HER HANDS ON SONIA'S DSLR >:@)
It started raining heavily afterwards, so fortunately we had already finished the food, or else everything will turn out to be soggy in some unimaginable state (*puke*) The rain grew bigger and it became and more and more difficult for four person to share an umbrella (me, YiFang, Jiesi and BenLee) and eventually YiFang left to share with Nisa and Sonia while I stayed to be a huge "light bulb" ._. Actually, whether or not we use an umbrella doesn't make a difference at all, we're all thoroughly drenched from head to toe in the end =.= Seriously, getting caught in the big rain sucks.
We left for Holland V. after that to eat. I didn't order anything, just sit there feeling bored and playing with YiFang's camera and iPhone from time to time :| Went home after that, took bus 99 from Clementi bus interchange and I was just dumb enough to sit at the upper deck without knowing that it'll be at least a thousand time colder up there. For the entire 30minutes bus ride, my hands were clasped together with my head bending towards them, rubbing my hands against each other from time to time trying to keep myself warm. Now, that's what you all pathetic. Even worse, my fingernails started to turn blue, my teeth were chattering non-stop and I was shivering all over like somebody who had just taken drugs, LOL. Damn the weather, argh.

Qiaofen's turning 17 tomorrow!<3