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Wednesday, January 12, 2011 6:30 AM
Because it's no use going back to yesterday

2AM's I Was Wrong - my current favourite song, I'm kinda late because I just started listening to 2AM recently, love this song!:) I like their voices, especially Changmin's because it sounds cool, hehhh. I like JoKwon's hair in this MV too, feels like running my hand through his hair *__* The only odd thing is that the guys fought in a drained pool LOL weird huh. The story for the full music video's awesome too - the one I post is only small part of it ._.

Visited Saint Andrew Junior College and Anglo-Chinese Junior College today. There's like, so much I wanna talk about, but I'm not exactly in the right mood, feeling quite stressed now because I'll have to make up my mind soon...
Okay never mind I'll just talk a bit about this two schools, overall they're pretty nice. It's kind of like a class outing today since almost half of 4E1 is present, haha we're definitely the biggest group! Went to SAJC's open house first - the students there are really friendly and all that and I really like the feeling there. We even toured around the school with the help of a nice tour guide. I like their uniform too. The bad thing? I don't have a direct bus to the school. It's located in Potong Pasir and I'll have to travel all the way with a bus ride of 26.7 kilometres!
Ate Mac and visited ACJC after that. It felt rather cold because the people there were not as friendly as those from SAJC. Well like what many said, AC's definitely a rich school. If I'm going there I'll be have swimming lessons for PE every week somemore, cool huh? Heard from a senior that the teachers there are nice and helpful too:) Oh and the choir there is a Gold (with honours) choir too, watched their performance and they were totally amazing, that's probably why I had decided that I want to go to ACJC. It's really convenient for me to get to the school too because there's a direct bus from my house all the way to the school! The bad thing? I didn't score enough for the school -.- In fact, I was one point away from the cut-off point of the school! Like they say, one point makes a huge difference...
In conclusion, I'm still confused over whether I should go poly or junior college. The end. :(


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